Are you gin enthusiast? We are open for partnership. 

Partnership oportunities for distributors, bars, and present for your clients.

Your very own bottle

We can offer you three types of this colaboration. These are three different products, different delivery time, minimal purchase and the price too. But we are happy to take good care of you – So,  Don't hesitate to contact us with your requirements

Your Brand - Our Gin

Customize your label and the bottle and we are going to fill it up with one of our gins. We accept small orders from ten pieces. If you are looking for christmas present for your clients or employees - there it is.

Customized gin and brand 

Do you want more than the label? We are going to create special version of our London Dry Gin based on your vision. You can add local or exotic botanicals and we will help with final touch.

Gin made by You 

Follow your dream and create your own liquor. We do as you choose and help you to distill your very own gin - from dominant ingredients, taste profile and aroma to color of the gin and design of the bottle. It's great challenge for us.

Once more - these are not dogmas. If you didn't find, what you were looking for, please contact us. We will do our best to fulfil yourwishes. 

You can have our handcrafted Gin on your shelves and in your cocktail menus.

Contact us - Do not hesitate! We believe in synergy. Here are the examples of collaborations and partnerships.

You own the Bar or Restaurant

If you love quality as we do, we can supply you not only with our Gins. We will give you special pricelist, guestbartenting excursion in our distillery.

Our bottles in your (e)shop

Closer to old customers and finding the way in the hearts of new ones - that's the way we love it. We can create a happy customer with you.

Are you a distributor or sale representative?

Don't hesitate to contact us with your requirements, and we will find a way to collaborate with your company.

Third time lucky - these are not dogmas. If you didn't find, what you were looking for, please contact us. We will do our best to fulfil yourwishes. 

Our projects so far.

Some of our partnership.

Borovička Lokál

We distilled original gin for restaurant franchise Lokál made from handpicked juniper from moravian and bohemian sites.

Super Panda Gin

The Goal was to distil the gin for the new signature drink. We made it with two dominant ingredients – kaffir lime and Palo santo (aromatic wood of South America).

Medlov Kontryhel Gin

The gin made for hotel Medlov, situated near Nové Město na Moravě. Private recipe consists of camomile and alchemilla.

Would you like to create somthing great with us? We are all ears?

Chcete nám raději zavolat? 

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